Day 3 – Challenge Accepted!


Day 3 started with a short drive to Cunderdin where we spotted Trufab Engineering. Ben Ranford had just ordered a new chaser bin from them so he went over and arranged a tour of the business.

While we were there we saw a couple pink chaser bins that they hire out in the district and then donate a portion of each hire fee to the McGrath Foundation.

This started a plan to get Ben a pink one!!!

Ben said he would change his order to pink if we raised $10 000 for the McGrath Foundation. Donations are coming in thick and fast and it’s looking very likely that Ben will have a pink chaser bin and the McGrath Foundation will receive a $10k donation from Crossville Ag Bureau.


From there we went to Andrew Irvings farm to see the new Agrifac Condor boomspray. An 8000 litre,  51 metre self propelled boomspray he has purchased for his contracting business. Andrew has 3 spraying units that cover 150000 ha a year!IMG_20150922_072032

After lunch at Wongan Hills Bakery, we met up with Brett Lines who took us to Lawson Farms.  This is a 13 000 Ha corporate farm using Controlled Traffic, VR and oil moisture probes. We had a Q & A session with the Manager about corporate farms, what the community thought of it and issues with finding labour. We checked out one of their paddocks that had been deep ripped and limed and also discussed their shift to CTF and what they thought of their first year.

Next was Glen Millsteed’s farm at Sheoak Springs. We arrived at a canola crop to look at improvements made from deep ripping and spading. Controlled traffic was recently adopted and seemed to be working well. He took us back to his yard where he had moved all his machinery out to show us how it all lined up.  Glen’s family owned farm is cropping wheat, barley and canola and they have 3500t of on-farm storage and a 10 000l Wespray unit. Glen did have some issues setting up CTF with his header and chaser bin not lining up with auger spans so he had to extend the auger to fix that problem.

After several beers and great conversations we left for Moora and dinner at the hotel.


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