Day 4

Day 4 – a bus trip is not a bus trip without a hangover at some point!

But despite a few sore heads, we met up with Chris Wilkins from Synergy Consulting, Badgingarra. He took us out to Jaden Cockings farm at South Moora to look at his biosolids program (treated effluent supplied by Water Corp of WA – FREE).  Chris explained the changes to their farming systems over the last decade and toured us around to show us the improvements the bio solids have made to his property. He’s been doing this for 20 years and his ‘p’ levels are over 180ppm!

Jaden Cockings placeJaden Cockings shite pile

Jaden Cockings shite pit

Jaden’s farm has been mostly grazing in the past but is now cleaned up for cropping of oat hay for export, wheat, canola and pastures. He has cut his sheep numbers back but still runs 3000 breeding ewes which he plans on keeping in the system.

Moving on we went to visit Andrew Kenny to look at the mould board ploughing he is using to treat non wetting sands.  We saw some amazing results.  It took his yield from 1t/ha to 3 t/ha!  We looked at his barley that had been grazed with 20dse of sheep and checked out his GM canola.

Andrew Kennys cropandrew Kennys mould board plough

We spent the rest of the afternoon with Erin Cahill, farmer and agronomist, viewing his deep ripping, spading and compaction on-farm trials. He showed us the results using a petronometer.

erin cahills deep rippingErin Cahills

A big day so onto the pub at Moora with Erin for a few beers and tea.

moora hotel


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