Day 5

Ventured out to Rod Birch farm at Coorow had a chat about his farming program as well as the many Boards he sits on, including AGT. We looked at the AGT trials on farm including the new mace replacement Scepter. Had a farm tour of the GM canola and a shed inspection of machinery and workshop. Rod said he always has all equipment ready well before he starts harvest and seeding to achieve any early seeding opportunities etc.


Then we went out to Bill Crabtree’s farm on the north east wheat belt.  Went for a bus tour around the farm to see what he has done since he’s been there. He paid $100 an acre for the land in October 2007 with the locals saying he was crazy for buying it.  He has gradually built up his equipment and is starting to see some good results. Bill has trials of 7 GM Canola varieties side by side and some trial work on salt, sub-soil acidity, UAN use and dry sowing.



We had a BBQ and slept on mattresses in the shed for the night.




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