Day 6

Woke up at ‘no till Bills’ had BBQ breakfast then headed into Mullewa to jump through the caravan park showers.


With everyone freshened up we headed off to Tim and Daniel Critches family farm at Mullewa where we got plenty of good efficiency tips. Tim and Daniel farm with their father and have a great focus on ecomomy of scale efficiencies over their 13 000ha operation.

Their system includes fallowing one third of their farm annually and the use of a weed seeker.

We checked out a nurse spray tank carrying required chemicals, water tank and a 3 inch pump for fast filling in the paddocks.  Also investigated their narrow wind row shute for concentration of weeds for later windrow burning. With a stem like a small trunk, it’s possibly the best thing we’ve ever seen for a John Deere Header as it still allows you to use the header efficiently with regards to capacity.


We went for a drive around the farm to see their GT50 GM canola. Tim explained how he has used GM canola to their advantage in low rainfall country.

Before we headed off we had some hamburgers for lunch in the shearing shed.

Next we found our way to John Warr’s farm near Yuna where he farms 20 000 acres and also imports Agrispreaders. John explained how he got into selling Agrispreaders and what they are focusing on with the development of section control flotation and spreading curtains to achieve a 36m spread at 10% accuracy.


John showed us around his boomspray fill station and the twister silos he uses to keep the headers in the crop.On our drive around his farm he explained what he is doing with mould board ploughing and where he’s building roads with permanent field bin sites and designated road train turn around points.Very organised.


We then migrated to John’s “man cave” which we have taken photos of but they’re never to be shown to any wives! (But unfortunately for us, our blog editor is a farmers wife, so here tis!)


While having a few beers we decided to chip in to the ‘pink bits’ bin and get Ben Ranford to go for a Swim in the freezing cold swimming pool in his jocks.  This raised another $4300 towards our $10 000 McGrath Foundation donation (most money he’s ever made in 2 minutes!).


We finally headed out to Geraldton for our best nights sleep of the trip.


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